Monday, April 6, 2015

The Memory Box Project (Part 5)

ArtReach Focus on VetsPart 5

So I am currently working on a workshop for my final grad project. It is going to be a memory box project similar to the Tesseract school one that was tied in with the Vault Gallery Artificial Curiosities show.
This blog has been presented to document my progress and findings as I try to get my workshop together.
What is an IRB?
Researchers haven't always practice the sorts of ethics one would expect. Now to conduct research of any kind on human subjects many precautions are to be taken. The first of which is to make certain the folks being observed know they are being observed. Second, consent must be obtained from the subjects being researched
I have just researched and completed my first pass on my UF IRB. I understand the need for such protocols and with my subject being veterans I definitely feel I need to tread lightly and cautiously. The veterans I have thus far met are dealing with numerous physical and psychological issues and work I do should not in anyway exasperate or compound these issues. 
Precautions taken

According to standard protocol set down in most of the literature on PTSD the subject should never be put under stress or made to answer questions or discuss painful or traumatic memories or themes. My project is on memory and compiling found object works similar to those of Cornell. Therefore they should be more opened ended as to their meaning letting the subject lead the process and avoid subjects they uncomfortable with in favor of the joy of creating. Ultimately it is hoped this will become a program copied and borrowed from by numerous museums and community centers adding to the scarce art therapy resources available for vets.
At this point I am already working with several counselors pouring through their guidebooks and literature and hoping to shape the program into something that is PTSD safe.  

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