Monday, April 6, 2015

Part 1 Current Research Project

ArtReach Focus on Vets
I am currently in one of my final grad courses Research Methods. In this class we will lock down our final project or capstone work. By the end we should have a usable proposal, references, a capstone committee, IRBs (research permission forms), and flushed out timeline for doing the research.

While doing my initial research I ran across an intriguing workshop, seminar and exhibit at the Oceanside Art Museum near San Diego.

The programing was in the current mode of museum work and museums in general that have shift from being collector of old stuff and the guardians of high culture or real worthy art, to education allies in a community. Agents of change and places for reflection and enrichment in todays overloaded world.
The program specifically reached out to the multigenerational military subculture. Programs address post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), coming back home after war, why we still make war as a species, and the many problems veterans face today. (sadly the museum has pulled any mention of the event from their site)
Inspired by the Oceanside Museum programing I decided I wanted to create a workshop for veterans.
I thought a memory box project would be a good place to start.
Memory Boxes
Some of my Cornell inspired works at the MIM.

It was suggested by my capstone chair that I put together a blog to follow the process of putting together the research project, workshop, eventual exhibit and coalescing my observations into my final grad project. 
So here is part one of the blog. 

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